What are your cheapest options?  We offer 2 unedited packages along with our traditional edited packages on our site.  The Economy package gives you 2 hours of coverage by one camera person for $499.  The Economy plus package gives you 6 hours of coverage by one camera person for $699. They do not feature music or artistic manipulation like the Bronze and up, and our designed for those on a tight budget or wish to edit themselves.

What do we get? An HD digital file delivered via email of the the entire wedding video plus a separate recap montage to share via social media.


Who is shooting my wedding? Not Joe. Joe has owned the business since 2001, but has moved to supervisor. However, he will be your guide and contact throughout the entire process including editing. The remaining four members of AMTR will shoot the wedding, and it is their material, not Joe's, that is featured in the demos.


Is it filmed in HD?  We shoot in 4k and HD, and deliver as an HD Mov file via email, or HD USB flash drive depending on your order.


What's your shooting style?  We shoot documentary style, which means we float around you without interjecting ourselves into the occasion. This provides a more "organic" and less staged wedding video.


What’s the difference between Bronze and Silver?  The main difference between Bronze and Silver is that the Silver has two camera people for the pre ceremony and ceremony.

Do you use drones?  We can. We offer a 2 hour drone addition to any package for $399. However, there are often restrictions at the venues and FAA flight restrictions.

Can you stream it live?  We can. We offer ceremony Facebook live and YouTube live streams for $399. If your wedding is outdoor, and does not have reliable wifi internet we offer a cellular service for $100 addition.

How long are you there?  When we say that we cover you for “up to 8 hours” we don’t mean you’ll have 8 hours of raw video. It just means the camera person will be there with you the scheduled time, just not necessarily always filming.  

Do you charge a travel fee?  We pretty much only service Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake Counties.  If your destination is outside that area, and we have made an exception to travel there, we charge standard roundtrip mileage rate.


How long is the video?  Most videos are between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours long and consist of 4 montages set to the music of your choice plus the live elements like the ceremony, speeches, special dances, exit, cake, garter, bouquet, etc..


What’s needed before you edit?  You’ll fill out an editing worksheet on our site with your song choices, which is due before we edit.


What’s the payment structure?  The deposit is 25% and due upon signing your contract online. It is non refundable. The final balance is due two weeks before the wedding.


What about a meal?  You do need to provide a vendor meal for the camera person and their assistant.

Chicken, Steak or Fish?  We're just flattered you asked.  Doesn't matter.


How early do you arrive?  Normally, we arrive one hour before the ceremony, at the ceremony location.  If you would like us to go to a different location, or arrive extra early, please put it on your contract. 


What do you wear?  Business casual attire, unless otherwise requested.


How long have you been in business? Since 2001. All 4 members of the company have University degrees in television.







Orlando Wedding Videography